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Custom Eye Patches.com


Our catalogue is divided into "Ready Made" Patches, Plain Patches,in Large, Medium & Small and "Design your own".

The Ready mades are as you see them on the screen and can be purchased by simply inputting the code number then either "Left" or "Right" - depending on which eye you need and finally what size patch you require - L/M/S

We have 2 ranges of Ready Mades - one priced at $10 and, for more elaborate designs, one priced at $15. Both prices are subject to our standard terms and conditions

Click below for our "Ready Made" selection

We also create Convex patches that can be ordered with your selection of materials. Appliques or embroidery is not suitable on the convex patch due to the curvature. The convex patch is $20.

Click below for our "Plain Patch " Selection

To design your own you will first need to select the Base patch and then browse our extensive range of appliques to find the one that suits you. Full instructions are given on the relevant pages.

Click below for our "Design Your Own" Selection